8 Maintenance Tips To Make Your Garden Beautiful

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8 Maintenance Tips To Make Your Garden Beautiful

Well it has been an exceptionally mild winter and spring is starting to shyly show its face.

This means we will be into full flow on garden maintenance a bit sooner than most years (you don’t often hear mowers in February!)

So if you haven’t taken your garden in hand yet this may be the weekend to start.

Garden maintenance jobs can include:

  • Clear up the last few leaves that are blowing about or stuck in the back of the borders
  • Trim any hardy hedges that didn’t get done in the autumn
  • Clear the borders of any cheeky weeds and mulch them
  • Pressure wash your decking, Patio or paving to clear the winter grime, check the pointing (sometimes called grout) and repair any missing bits or the slabs will start to come loose
  • Turn your compost heap
  • Tie in any climbers that have blown about (you won’t want to do this once they have budded)
  • Check your fences and other structures like fruit cages and espalier frames, March can be windy
  • Lawn edging and a quick go with the moss rake or scarifier

Remember your first few cuts of the grass should be on a high setting and not when its frosty!

If you would like more ideas or advice, please do not hesitate to contact one of our garden maintenance specialists on 01233 926954 or email: enquiries@greenmanlandscapes.co.uk