June Garden Job Checklist – Summer Feed

Welcome to the June Garden Maintenance Tips post, which will take a look at what you can be doing in your garden this month. We are talking about watering, dead heading and lawns for June.

Each month we’ll be giving you tips and advice on keeping your garden beautiful.

If you want your plants and lawns to have the real wow factor, follow these simple tips to getting your dream garden throughout the year.

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  • Watering – is one of the most important jobs this month…. hopefully it is a “flaming” June.
  • Dead Heading – Continue dead heading to keep those blooms coming.
  • Feed – Many flowering plants are heading for their second flush of flowers. Roses in particular; give them an extra push with a second feed now, one of the slow release fertilizers. You can give reluctant flowers a dose of a high potash feed as this promotes flowering; summer flowering Clematis benefit from this especially.
  • Cut Back – Cut back Oriental Poppies now, flower head and foliage, water mulch and they will flush up again and may even reward you with some new flowers.
  • Protect – It is very important to wear gloves and long sleeves when cutting Euphorbia as they give off a milky sap which can cause nasty swelling and soreness if it comes into contact with the skin. Take particular care not to get it near your mouth or eyes and keep children and animals away for a few hours until the stems have sealed over!


If it is very warm and dry set the mower blades higher to reduce stress on the lawn. You can apply a liquid feed, giving it a good drink at the same time.

Click the images below to take a closer look at a couple of our customers gardens or to view more visit our Garden Maintenance Gallery.

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